Technical Department

Under the technical Department there are certain sub-section and the technical department works as their head and keep any eye and control over the following department. Planning, Production, Maintenance, Pre-Press section, Ink section. functions of the sub-sections will be discussed in brief under each headings.

a- Planning Manager

The planning manager looks after the various things in the organization, He is responsible for Purchasing the raw material, Receiving orders from the sales section after receiving the orders from the sales he passes out the same to the production department. He plans about the machine and all about its working and jobs.

b- Production Manager

He is responsible for the matters related to the production of the job, utilization of the machines , arranging the material from the stores the required quantity and the ink also the other things to be done related the production of the job assigned, The production manager is assisted by the supervisors the team of the manager looks after all the matter like printing, laminations, slitting etc etc The documents he uses are discussed below in brief,

c- Maintenance Manager

maintenance manager is under the technical manager and under him is a team looks after the safety & security , maintenance of the machinery and also the main equipments of safety in the premises of the factory.

d- Pre-Press Manager

This managers who looks after all the pre activities of the production, it starts from the customer satisfaction, approval for printing, in this section the design is developed and send to the customer for the approval from the customer once it is approved the graphics section split the design in colors according to the printing requirements then the final design is transferred to the related section , flexo or roto what ever the case is.

The two important documents used by them is:-

1-Flexo proof sheet

2-Headford Approval (Internal Assessment)
The details regarding the printing and other things related to the same is discussed and verified at several stages before the final approval.


INK department is a very technical section of the organization which play the most important role in the field of printing it is this department which is responsible for the purchase of ink its quality assurance , color matching also it looks after the inventory of the ink store and management there are others to assist the managers who works in day and night shift to achieve the desired result.