Sales Departmant

Sales department plays a key role in establishing the business it is the main section of the organization , nothing can be done if this section will not be doing the job well, for convenience of this section and the importance it is divided into TWO sections LOCAL SALES and EXPORTS The local sales department is responsible for doing business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the sales of Jeddah is controlled from the head office itself where as for convenience for the customers sales departments has one more sections at Riyadh .

The second department of the SALES is EXPORTS SALES further the EXPORTS is divided into two branches Arab country export division and the second section looks after Africa, Europe and ,Asia headed by the highly qualified Managers and coordinators to assist them in smooth functioning of the business , The working of the export division is to do marketing for the company product in foreign countries and to develop of business and provide the customer the best satisfaction and services from the company side.


The brief description of the Export business is

1- Exploring the customer for the product

2- Meetings and procurement of the business

3- Design on CD will be received

4- Development of the design in GRAPHIC department

5- Follow ups In PRE-PRESS department

6- After production the material has to be packed as per specifications of packing also the standards size of the containers is to be considered

7- If it is Air shipment the pallet size will be 100 X 100 X 1.4

8- By sea the pallet size will be 100 X 120 X 2.40 standard size

9- Preparation of Export documents, shipment inspection, packaging, stuffing of the container, and all other documents is responsibility of the export division.

The division of Exports responsible for Arab countries is under a manager and two coordinators who assist him in his work The second section also which is responsible for exports in Asia, Africa and Europe is also under a manager and there is one coordinator who assist him in the office