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Leadership has no limits. It has to be developed, maintained and preserved. PRINTOPACK understands that this is essential to meet and keep up with market necessities locally and globally. PRINTOPACK, by the grace of God then its employees’ efforts, managed to assume a leadership position in KSA and the region. Such a position was achieved through the utmost proficiency in these fields, starting with printing. Every development of the company has been in response to, or in anticipation of, our customer’s needs. PRINTOPACK was recently awardedvarious international certificates ((ISO &BRC), in addition to safety, security and protection certificates..

PRINTOPACK has proudly become a strategic partner for its customers due to the mutual respect and high ability of meeting their needs worldwide. Its experience, planning and commitment in providing practical solutions that cope with the developments of local and global markets.

We know that good customer service comes from knowing and understanding our clients, anticipating their needs and being ready to deliver what they want, when they want it. We do our best to offer a personal service to all sizes of clients, from start up businesses testing the market for a new product to multiples and multinationals who want a company that they can rely on to deliver on time, every time

Innovating for success is one of the things that has helped PRINTOPACK to remain a market leader in the flexible film packaging industry, and we are constantly searching for new products, techniques and systems that will enhance what we can offer to our customers.

The print on our own packaging is recognised as being of outstanding quality, and we offer the same high standard to customers who simply want printed film reels with their own designs flawlessly reproduce throughout the entire reel.

Usingrotogravureand flexographic printing on mono and laminate film reels, we offer up to 10colours in high quality print, with lamination solvent based /solvent less and cold sealing also available if needed.

With extensive in-house resources and a highly experienced team, we thrive on the challenge of finding solutions to the requirements that our customers bring us..
Our in-house Cylinder Engraving facilities also mean that we can meet your exact specifications, so that the design fits perfectly with your marketing plans.
So if your company is growing, expanding a line or testing a new part of the market, contact us and we will be able to help you to maximize your potential.
Call us to discuss how we can make your business even better.


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